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custom bulk orders

This section is for orders with a minimum of 16x garments with the same design.
The larger the print run, the more cost effective it will be and the more cost effective means more profit margin if you choose to retail your order.

// Fashion // Streetwear // Corporate // Sports Teams // Dance Groups // Workwear etc...

With 18 years of garment decoration experience we will be sure to use the best method possible to achieve the highest quality results for your project.

Bulk orders have a different pricing structure than the "Create Your Own" section as that is for less than 16x garments.

See below what we can offer and fill out the contact form to start your order with us.




Plastisol is the most common ink used for garmenting printing. It has great colour opacity for dark garments with sharp graphic detail. Plastisol has a texture that you can feel on the garment but this print can also be made softer with different techniques or special additives.


Water-based ink prints into the fabric more than plastisol to create a softer print to the hand. Best used for lighter garments with darker inks.We use waterbased ink for the likes of tea towels as it goes into the fibers of the fabric.

specialty inks

This is where we can make a standard design really stand out. Glow in the dark ink, Glitter ink, Shimmer ink, PUFF ink which raises and expands. Ask about our specialty inks and see if something can fit your needs.

CMYK 4 Colour Process

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black are blended in this 4 colour process to create many different shades of colour. It has it's pros and cons but this method of printing is great for photographic images.

simulated process

Simulated process is when the artwork is separated into spot colours using halftones to print. These halftones will then blend the colours together to make more shades of the same colour. Sim process can give great photo like results. Best on artwork that has lots of gradients and no solids.


Alternate Decoration services

Screen Printing above is the traditional craft of garment decoration, you cant lose with that however...
There are numerous methods to decorate your garments, each with their own star qualities.
We cover them all to make sure you get the best results for your project.

If you know what you're after then by all means let us know but if you dont...
we'll be sure to use the best technique to bring your order to life.

direct to garment

DTG Printing

Digital printing with eco-friendly waterbased inks. Best for short runs and FULL colour photo images.

dtf (direct to film)


Full colour images heat pressed onto garments.
Great alternative for Screen Printing and DTG printing.
Best for low to mid range quantities.



Classic embroidery perfect for polos, caps or heavy garments.

vinyl heatpressing

Individual sports names

Customize garments with player names or numbers. These are heatpressed on and are very durable.

further customizing


Neck tags - size labels, woven labels, individually fold & bag.